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    Statement from `The voice of Shan State People for Peace and Transition to Democracy’ Forum
    From December 15-17, 2015, over 400 people representatives from Shan State presented the book of `The Voice of Shan State People for Peace and Transition to Democracy” at the forum bearing the same name as the book. (see for the book)
    The Shan State people presented their problems and experiences regarding land, natural resources and governance. They presented proposals for change to a better future.

    This statement is based on the book of `The Voice of Shan State People for Peace and Transition to Democracy’ and resulted from the Forum bearing the same name.
    We, the people of Shan State want the government:
    1. To respectfully recognize that people are the source of power;
    2. To collaborate with Shan State people in the transition to a federal democratic state;
    3. To work for peace, justice, equality and freedom for all through;
      1. Holding a national dialogue for peace in which all ethnic armed groups and the people can participate;
      2. Participation of Shan State people in decision making and implementing decisions on development projects that impact on local communities, to guarantee the life security, wishes and needs of communities.
      Therefore we need:
    4. Directly elected representatives on every level of the government;
    5. Directly elected representatives to have regular meetings and consultations with the people they represent;
    6. To create mechanisms so that the people and the government can collaborate;
    7. The voices and suggestions of Shan State people to be heard in the National Dialogue and the Peace Process.
    Myanmar People Alliance, Taunggyi.

    Who we are
    Burma Centrum Nederland is a small Dutch Foundation that works towards the establishment of an all-inclusive democracy with respect for human rights and the environment in Myanmar.
    In close cooperation with Burmese partner organizations, BCN organizes and executes trainings, workshops, seminars, forums and study tours for Myanmar civil society organizations, community based organisations and democratic forces.
    BCN considers strengthening civil society, enlarging political capacity, stimulating grassroots participation and participatory development, as well as an all inclusive and constructive political dialogue towards sustainable peace and national reconciliation crucial for a democratic future for Myanmar.
    As fostering political participation and stimulating both theoretical and practical democratic and development skills is a slow process, BCN focuses on supporting civil society, political actors and grassroots communities to take up their role in a developing democracy. Strengthening capacity, fostering active participation and facilitating engagement between people, their government and the civil service are central to BCN’s programs.
    From 2015, BCN supported the Myanmar People Alliance with developing and executing a program to create awareness on democratic principles and practices, engage in non-violent, lawful activities and promotion of right based solution for people’s problems. BCN also supported MPA in collecting issue based people’s experiences, and developing proposals for change based on consensus and the direct needs of the people.
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